Hi, my name is Michael Johnson and I’d like to share the WallysList story with you.

WallysList was started out of an emergency. One day, I needed a sewer scope completed, and I needed it ASAP. I contacted all the contractors in my contact list and none could do it in the next two hours, my timeframe. I thought to myself, “There should be a better way! I should be able to send a job request to a bunch of contractors at once and whoever is interested in the job can respond.”

Thus, WallysList was born.

Soon after the idea emerged, the idea of using it as a tool for giving back to the community followed. I talked with my close friend, Hrayr, who owns a web development company and we decided to partner up and create something special.

WallysList stands alone as a contractor-sourcing platform in how we do business. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge our contractors per-lead fees; we charge a modest subscription fee and offer unlimited leads with one rate. And we donate HALF of that to a local charity, non-profit, or fund raising group...of your choice!

NO ONE else does anything remotely similar to that.

Also, we don’t just take any contractor. Ours is a hand-selected, trusted-curation process and we don’t accept too many contractors into our lead pool. We seek a tight balance between our contractor and user bases. When you register, you’ll see even more features that we have for you.The faster we expand WallysList, the more good we can do for our local communities, so please click below and tell a friend about us!

Welcome to WallysList and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns or suggestions. We’re all in this together.


Michael & Hrayr

Doing Business Right, by Doing Right